Mel - Einfach Weisheit

Mentor for Consciousness Development

Inspiring guide into self-empowerment and embodiment

of our true divine being.

Mel has always been aware of her connection with the Divine and retained her strong empathic and intuitive abilities.

Later, she began to work consciously with the intuitive ablilities and to utilize these skills.
Around 2015, she started studying near-death experiences and delving deeply into consciousness.
Through the works of the Ra-Material and other nondual teachers, she gained profound insights and solidified her unwavering devotion to the task of sharing the liberating truth about our true being, the development of consciousness, and the practical ways of living in awakening consciousness with those who are ready.
Since 2019, she has been guiding people on the path to awakened consciousness, into self-empowerment, and teaching primarily approaches of unity consciousness and nonduality.

I help you DISCOVER who you truly are, UNDERSTAND your path, HEAL your wounds and step into your POWER.

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