Experience MIRACLES in ONE HOUR!

In the Quantum Field or Source Consciousness, which we are all a port of, everything exists.
Everything that happens, happens within this field of Consciousness.
We can tap into this field, merge with it, and choose from it what we truly desire and what is truly in alignment and an expression of our Highest Self.
It does not have to take years of therapy to release your past and move beyond your painful negative experiences and conditionings of your life –
One Hour can be enough to create the miraculous shift you have been looking for.
I will guide you to access Your Wisdom within!
After the Coaching Session you will know exactly, what your next steps will be!



The coaching takes place via Zoom video call.

After you have booked, you will receive an email from me confirming the appointment and your link to the Zoom call.

All you need is a camera and a microphone.

The coaching lasts 60 minutes.

♥ Dear Mel, after restless days and a restless night, we had our appointment yesterday,

I was really nervous before our session. Your calm and loving manner made it much easier for me to look at my life and my past with great awareness. I also felt a lot of awe, amazement, joy, and pride, as well as hope for my further life path, backed by the knowledge of the strength of my past experiences. I had and have the feeling that I can better accept my current life with its strong challenges. It came back to my consciousness that I chose my life exactly to have these experiences. There is also joy about your current feedback and above all hope and confidence that I can master my challenges well. Your loving manner was very good for me, I felt seen. With much gratitude, Anna-Maria

♥ Dear Melanie, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU once again for today’s session!

For your help and support… and so much more!… I can’t even put it into words. I am still completely fulfilled. Such an indescribable feeling after so many years! What a blessing that you made this possible for me. I would very much like to reach out to you again over time – you have such exciting topics and modules in your portfolio! 🙂 Now it’s time for me to implement 🙂 Warm regards, Alex

♥ Dear Melanie, I am very relieved and feel affirmed…

and fulfilled after this consultation. The pressure to always have to do something to accelerate my connection to the spiritual world is gone. I am now certain and even more in trust that everything will develop as the spiritual world already told me and as you were able to confirm. I look forward to this journey. I can now truly let go and enjoy.

Thank you, dear Melanie, for this wonderful hour and the hope you have given me. Brigitte

♥ Dear Melanie, I just wanted to give a quick follow-up and I think I wouldn’t believe

it myself if I weren’t right in the middle of it now ;). In the last 3 weeks, we bought a house, renovated and sold our apartment, and are moving in 4 weeks :). We haven’t managed to do that in the last 6 years! Thank you so much! Nicole

♥ Dear Melanie, you have been accompanying me for 3 months now, and we have scheduled additional appointments.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your very loving support. I found you on the internet when I was feeling very low. Somehow, it seemed like my house of cards was shaking. The combination of reading in the Akashic Records, coaching, and healing sessions makes it complete for me. I’m feeling much better, becoming clearer, and with you, I’m addressing issues I thought were already resolved. This, too, is a gift for me, it makes me feel more and more free. It’s very comforting to have someone like you by my side during these challenging times we are currently experiencing. Thank you very much for everything. I look forward to further support and the growing inspiration that will come from it. Marion

♥ Hi Melanie, I would like to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you.

When I first signed up to do a session with you,I was a little nervous but as soon as my session with you started all that went away,I felt this calm loving energy come over me ,and I quickly felt at peace speaking with you life. After our session, I have been feeling this sense of peace and release of negative energies that I’ve been holding and carrying for most of my life.
I know and feel a change in my energy has changed in a profound and positive way.I feel like everyday I am healing and have a very optimistic outlook on life.
Melanie, once again
Thank you for the wonderful session I had with you.
Thank you

♥ Dear Melanie, thank you very much once again for today’s very vivid, illustrative, and personal conversation.

You made me aware of my blockages and that it is always the right time to be in the here and now, and that I am on my way despite my age. The subtleties, the nuances to be mindful of, being more connected with feelings than just logic. Learning to understand the heart messages. Seeking a loving conversation with our spirit guides, who are our brothers and sisters; you made all of this clear to me once again.

You showed me how to do it best. We looked at the personal and professional aspects. Time flew by, and I have no regrets about any moment in the session; instead, I feel gratitude that we met. I wish you a healthy and happy time ahead. Axel Nirijaas

♥ Dear Melanie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful session.

I am completely overwhelmed by the many helpful pieces of information. I feel like I’ve found a significant puzzle piece on my journey, and I am infinitely grateful that the spiritual world has brought us together. But perhaps, we both made an agreement for this incarnation, and I am happy about this connection. It means so incredibly much to me that you have discovered all this for me. Thanks for your being and your work. I send you a heartfelt hug and look forward to our next meeting. Christine

I do not make diagnoses. You are responsible for yourself. A session with me does not replace treatment by medical or therapeutic professionals.