All offers and products from this provider are for entertainment purposes only.

Personal Data

The personal data provided at registration (including name, address, telephone number, bank details) are used solely for the purpose of carrying out the registration and providing information, and are collected based on legal provisions (see Privacy Policy).


Registration for individual appointments (via video or phone) is binding. If you fail to show up or cancel within 24 hours before the appointment, the full amount is due.


A stable psychological state is assumed for participation in individual sessions (via video or phone). If you are currently or have been in medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment in the past, the provider recommends that you consult your doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist in advance and in doubt regarding the use of the services presented here.

Participation in the consultation is at your own risk. Each client acts responsibly for themselves. He/She assumes full sole responsibility for all of their attitudes, experiences, and actions. You determine the depth of engagement with processes of self-experience and self-change yourself.

The counseling offered does not replace treatment by medical or psychological professionals.