Ascension into the Next Level of Consciousness

Ascension into the Next Level

of Consciousness





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You can work through this video course at your own pace.

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Under some chapters, there are worksheets available for download.

You will receive instructions, exercises, worksheets, and meditations/visualizations for each topic, making everything experiential and applicable for you.

Ascension into the Next Level

of Consciousness




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Throughout the course, I felt

so personally addressed by you as if we were together in person!

I have already perceived my soul’s purpose as a child.

The course has further confirmed this. Inspiring people for the divine order and the spiritual world is my mission. I’m passionate about it. My clairvoyant abilities have strengthened, and in principle, it’s quite simple when one is attentive and learns to trust oneself.

What I like most about it is your calm,

Your calm, unexcited manner and clear, simple way of explaining things are what I like most. The structure of the topics was very good, and it was easy to continue.

Usually, I prefer meditation with a male voice.

However, the meditations you spoke were wonderful, and I could fully connect with them!

The analyses about myself,

The analyses about myself, my strengths, my talents, etc., have helped me a lot!

I was amazed at how easy it can be,

to channel one’s spirit guides or read the Akashic records!

I liked the structure in general.

I found the intuition particularly interesting!

I like your authentic, down-to-earth,

fresh, yet calm manner. You are credible to me, which is why I can trust you and your explanations and exercises. Meeting my spirit guide and the chapter on channeling were very enriching for me!

The most valuable aspect for me was the feeling that

with which I was left after each chapter. It was always a feeling of warmth, acceptance, and light. After the course, I was once again strengthened in my big wish: “I want to be a beacon of light!”.

Dear Mel, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your work.

You saved me in the past year through your videos on YouTube and the messages contained therein, but you also touched my soul so deeply that I had the opportunity to remember myself. This course has solidified everything I’ve learned from you before and allowed me to explore new areas. My life has improved so much! Thank you a thousand times for that! Your statements are always clear, structured, neutral, and hit right in the heart. For a year now, I have started to write down the things that move me, so I have them with me and can focus on them again and again. Therefore, I hope that I can learn much more from you and that you will accompany me on my journey for a long time. I would book any course from you or buy any webinar from you because I resonate most with your messages. So, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best and all the love and say: thank you, thank you, thank you!

What touched me the most was the meditation

“What is important in the end” (or something similar). My experience was an incredibly deep gratitude for everything I have experienced and for everyone who has somehow accompanied me and from whom I have learned. This happiness and gratitude surprised me a lot, as many difficult and hurtful things have happened in my life. But somehow, that was no longer important. What remained was gratitude and love. And it still influences my everyday life… Thank you for that!!!

I would really wish if you could offer a more in-depth course.

I think right now many people are in exactly this topic, and I don’t want to stop right now, but to move forward!

What always inspires me is your clarity,

Patience and also your sense of humor. In essence, every moment with you is a gift!

I think you and your work are great 🙂

You have guided the program so lovingly.

It was exciting to experience,

How easy it is to connect with the higher self!

I find the course very comprehensive and helpful.

because I can work and experience with myself in peace under guidance. We are always evolving, so there is always something to explore and deepen.

I find your style and energy very, very pleasant and uplifting.

The flow of energy within me creates a lot of change, even if I can’t grasp it rationally. I feel like your energy awakens my inner wisdom.

The course was definitely an enrichment for me.

I signed up for this course because I enjoy watching your videos. Your contributions are always very clear, stimulating, and uplifting. These qualities were reflected in this course!

I was very satisfied with the outcome of the course.

It brought exactly what you mentioned as information. It helped me a lot and moved me forward on my path. Now that I understand my mission better, my inner peace is much greater. I no longer fear making mistakes or not fulfilling my task. I know now that I have everything I need for it 🙂 Thank you very much.

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