open your Akashic Records.


The Sanskrit word “Akasha” means “ether,” “sky,” or “unlimited space.” It refers to an energetic field where the “memories” of your soul are anchored. These memories include not just your earthly incarnations but also other experiences of your soul.

The Akashic Record is an integral part of ourselves, not something external. Every person is born with their own Akasha, and it remains a lifelong companion that can never be erased.

The Akashic Record is referred to as the universal “Book of Life.” It is a kind of symbolic concept that our mind can use to gain access to a universal world memory, a kind of universal database. Contained within it is the entire history of our soul, including future potentials.

Establishing a Spiritual Connection: Prayer serves as a means to establish a conscious, spiritual connection with the Akashic Record. Through prayer or meditation, a deeper level of consciousness is reached to access the Akashic Record.

Intention and Focus: Prayer helps to clarify and focus the practitioner’s intention. The clear articulation of intentions and questions enables the receipt of useful and relevant information from the Akashic Record.

Cleansing and Preparation: Prayer can also be understood as a form of mental and spiritual cleansing. It prepares the mind and heart to be open and receptive to the information and insights that come from the Akashic Record.

Facilitating Intuitive Perception: Prayer strengthens intuitive perception. This is intended to enable the individual to go beyond the limits of the rational mind and access deeper, intuitive levels of knowledge.

Protection and Guidance: The prayer includes a request for protection and guidance during the experience. This ensures that the experiences and insights gained are positive and for the highest good of the individual.