A Soul Realignment Session has enormous transformation potential!

You will receive clear and amazing information about your soul’s path and your gifts that will help you live what you want to live on a soul level:

Your Soul Profile:

  • What energetic qualities your soul carries within itself.
  • What predispositions your soul has from its origin, and how you can use this information concretely to best shape your development in this earthly life.
  • What are the characteristic traits of your soul group, and how these origin characteristics manifest in human life.

Your Spiritual Development:

  • In which stage of spiritual development you currently find yourself, what the signs are, and what changes you can expect in the near future in this regard.

Profound Analysis:

  • What your soul’s purpose is, what experiences you have chosen for this life, and how you can realize these in harmony with your soul.
  • Whether and if so, what negative energies/negative thoughts of others are present and how you can resolve them.
  • Whether and if so, what negative karmic patterns exist, how they manifest in your life, and how you can resolve them.

Connections with Other People:

  • Whether, and if so, what contracts exist with other people.
  • Whether, and if so, what vows, blockades, and limiting beliefs from the past exist.

Contact with Your Spiritual Helpers:

  • Which spirit guides and helpers you have, and how they are specifically helping you at this time in your situation and development.
  • What messages your spirit guides have for you.
  • You will also learn how you can better communicate with them yourself, and more easily perceive their guidance in your life.

Analysis of Energy Blockages:

  • Whether there are blockages in your chakras, and we will resolve these so that energy can flow more freely again.

Discussion of any specific questions you have:

  • If there is something in particular that interests you, you can ask these questions.

RESOLUTION AND HEALING – one of the most important elements in Soul Realignment:

If you are ready to let go of everything that is no longer serving you, we will resolve this at the end of the session.

We will retain in your chronicle everything your soul has learned from these experiences, but release the heavy negative energy that no longer helps you.

We also focus on unresolved difficult or traumatic experiences, thereby creating a state of balance and inner peace, enabling you to more easily consider these experiences as completed. This is a wonderful experience.

You will receive a homework assignment from me, which you should read aloud at least once for a minimum of 3 days.

It includes a clear statement from you that you are ready to fully align with your soul and let go of and resolve everything that is hindering. This will remind both your consciousness and your subconscious to implement these intentions.

And it’s very important that you alone take responsibility for your improved future.

That you know that your new decisions and your daily actions determine your path as you follow your soul.

This will be much easier for you after our conversation. You yourself are the authority in your life, and you have a universe that joyfully accompanies you every day, helping you unfold in your full light.

We will resolve the no longer necessary blockages, limiting beliefs, vows, karmic patterns, and energetic attachments.

This will already enable you to strengthen and better feel your connection to your higher self and the highest source.

You will experience more balance, more energy, and positivity. You will feel more and more light in your soul.


  • Free audio recording for you.
  • Homework document

This is how your Soul Realignment process works:

For the session, please send me the following information:

  • Full name, birth name, date and place of birth, as well as a current photo of you where you are the only person visible.
  • Your questions / concerns
  • I need preparation time to receive the desired answers.
  • Our live session via Zoom video will last 60 minutes.



The Soul Realignment takes place via Zoom video call.

After you have booked, you will receive an email from me confirming the appointment and your link to the Zoom call.

All you need is a camera and a microphone.

The consultation lasts approximately 60 minutes.

♥ Dear Melanie, I was very impressed by the valuable and specific information

I received from you during the Akashic Records reading and Soul Realignment session, all in a short amount of time. Initially, I was quite skeptical and mistrustful of the session and the concept of Akashic Records and Soul Realignment, as it was unfamiliar to me. However, the session with you was enlightening and a unique experience.

During the session, you quickly delved into the core of my issues and touched on deep levels. As someone who tends to be mistrustful in relationships, your authenticity, presence, sensitivity, alertness, and warmth were greatly appreciated, and they allowed me to open up during the session.

Thank you so much, Melanie. You and the spiritual world left a strong impression on me during the session. Even my friend who had a session with you was deeply impressed and was able to clarify her own issues.

♥ Hi Melanie, I would like to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you.

When I first signed up to do a session with you,I was a little nervous but as soon as my session with you started all that went away,I felt this calm loving energy come over me ,and I quickly felt at peace speaking with you life. After our session, I have been feeling this sense of peace and release of negative energies that I’ve been holding and carrying for most of my life.
I know and feel a change in my energy has changed in a profound and positive way.I feel like everyday I am healing and have a very optimistic outlook on life.
Melanie, once again
Thank you for the wonderful session I had with you.
Thank you

♥ Dear Melanie, your Soul Realignment has triggered some profound processes in me,

that sometimes really stirred me up and profoundly changed my sense of life. I feel more connected to my true self again, carried by the flow of life. And when there are moments of turbulence in between, I know how to deal with them. Your non-judgmental clarity and support were exactly what I needed this year. The energy of our conversations resonated for a long time afterward. I am truly grateful to you for that! Warm regards from Taiwan! Guido

♥ Dear Melanie, thank you very much again for the “Soul Realignment” today.

I have the feeling of having received exactly the “right” information that supports me now, and I am still amazed at how precise the information was, which I found to be very accurate. I was particularly touched by the information about my spirit guides. I will maintain contact with them, and now I know ways to do so. 🙂 I found your way of conveying the information to be very clear, friendly, and loving, and I thank you for that. I felt “well taken care of” and guided with trust during our session. I received clear answers, guidance, and suggestions that I will try out. Thanks again and best regards, Michaela

I do not make diagnoses. You are responsible for yourself. A session with me does not replace treatment by medical or therapeutic professionals.