All the chapters were enriching for me, but the chapter about my soul path and mission was particularly enlightening. It finally became clear to me, and I could recognize the connections in my life’s journey so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What impressed me the most was your calm and clarity, which is also light-hearted and kind. One can sense your joy and love in sharing your knowledge. You give off the feeling that it’s playful and not strenuous, which is encouraging!

I appreciate the “simplicity” and straightforward explanations. I believe that the ‘truth’ is simple, but you can finely differentiate. This provides me with a lot of guidance. I feel and know a lot, but it often becomes an undefinable mess and is overshadowed. You shed light on what seems unsolvable but is solvable.

You’ve thought through everything and presented it in bite-sized pieces, leaving tracks that one can follow on their own. You remove many obstacles by naming them and showing possibilities. I also like the length of the videos. They are not too long. There is great strength in simplicity. You demystify many things, make them manageable, and learnable.

You encourage without promising a perfect world.

You see the big picture and understand that the path is perceived as difficult by the ego.

You have the exact frequency that I like. Something so pure, oriented toward love, and because of that, I trust and dare to approach challenges more than before. Yet, you are down-to-earth as a ‘regular’ person (in the sense that you also need to make your coffee with water)!