I have already perceived my soul’s purpose as a child.

The course has further confirmed this. Inspiring people for the divine order and the spiritual world is my mission. I’m passionate about it. My clairvoyant abilities have strengthened, and in principle, it’s quite simple when one is attentive and learns to trust oneself.

What I like most about it is your calm,

Your calm, unexcited manner and clear, simple way of explaining things are what I like most. The structure of the topics was very good, and it was easy to continue.

I like your authentic, down-to-earth,

fresh, yet calm manner. You are credible to me, which is why I can trust you and your explanations and exercises. Meeting my spirit guide and the chapter on channeling were very enriching for me!

Dear Mel, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your work.

You saved me in the past year through your videos on YouTube and the messages contained therein, but you also touched my soul so deeply that I had the opportunity to remember myself. This course has solidified everything I’ve learned from you before and allowed me to explore new areas. My life has improved so […]